Quality Manual at Kulalac company

Kulalac adopted the quality management system as a strategic decision to improve its overall performance and keep up to date with developments in the quality management.
Quality Kulalac

1- Quality policy

Kulalac company is committed to provide high quality products with the latest technology, which meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We promise our customers to adhere to the best international standards and to improve the performance of all employees working in our company by adopting innovative manufacturing and management practices for continuous improvement in the quality management system as part of our efforts to enhance consumers’ satisfaction with highest quality and safety standards.

We are also committed to serving the community through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project.

Our quality goals are

  •  Highest quality and healthy products according to latest international standards.
  •   Delivery of consumers orders on time.
  •   Energy conservation and development
  •   Enhance consumers’ satisfaction.

The expected benefits for Kulalac company from the implementation of the quality management system are:

The company’s ability to evolve constantly to meet consumers requirements and the legal requirements that apply to products and services.

Promotes the opportunities to satisfy the customers and parties interested in children’s safety and nutrition.

The company’s ability to comply with all the requirements of the quality management system according to the ISO FSSC22000/22000/9001.

The packing is complied with Good Manufacturing Practices GMP.


Kulalac quality - Turkey

2- Determination the scope of quality management system

The company determined the scope of quality management and requirements of the relevant stakeholders, company’s product and services.

Scope of the quality management system

  • Manufacture of infant milk

  • Filling and storing infant milk in the warehouses

  • Product circulation and delivery to the infants


Kulalac Quality

3- Leadership

Leadership and commitment

Kulalac company’s management demonstrated a leadership and commitment related to the quality management system through:
Take responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality management system through periodic review of the quality management system and meeting of the administrative auditors to review the quality objectives and provide the necessary resources.

The management established the quality policy and objectives for the quality management system which is compatible with the context and strategic direction of the company.

Kulalac company’s management defined the organizational processes and integrated with the requirements of the quality management system.

The procedure in place to promote the use of a process approach and risk-based thinking.

Define the importance of effective quality management and compliance with the requirements of the quality management system.

Ensure that the quality management system achieves the required results.


Involve, direct and support people to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system by providing training and implementing awareness programmes.

Promote the improvement by submitting plan suggestions and holding meetings.

Support other relevant managerial roles to demonstrate their leadership as applicable to their areas of responsibility.


Leadership and customer focus

Kulalac company’s management demonstrated the leadership and commitment in terms of customer focus by ensuring the following:

Fulfillment the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and customer satisfaction is a top priority of the company’s obligations.

Identify and address the risks that can affect the conformity of products to quality standards. Providing services and working to maintain consumers satisfaction.

Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities

Kulalac company’s management ensures that the responsibilities and authorities granted to the employees responsible for quality are approved while defining roles, responsibilities and authorities. The senior management of the company considered that:

  • The quality management system complies with the requirements of international standard
  • The processes achieve the required results.
  • Submit report on the performance of the quality management system and development opportunities in particular to the company senior management regularly.
  • Enhance customers focus across the company
  • Maintain the integrity of the quality management system when planning and implementing changes to the quality management system.
  • The assigned roles, responsibilities and authorities are available in the company and in accordance with the company organizational chart.

Kulalac company management provides and evaluates the necessary infrastructure to achieve compliance with product requirements and  identify the required resources.


Kulalac laboratory Quality

Laboratory requirements:

Internal laboratory

Kulalac company is committed to make the internal laboratory ready to work as of the date of operating the factory and conducting all required tests in accordance with the quality standards of the products. The results are kept in a record designated for this purpose.

 External laboratory

The xternal/commercially/independently laboratories used will be approved by the local authorities in Turkey.